Franc auf dem Brinke-Snellen comes from a music-minded family in The Hague. The Snellen’s love both classical music and jazz and most family members play instruments.
Franc starts playing drums at age 7 and begins taking lessons two years later with local drummers and John van Helsdingen, a classical percussionist from The Hague’s Residence Orchestra. He is soon invited by the American School The Hague to sit in with their ensemble class. From age 11 on he is performing with several youth symphony orchestras and at age 15 he enters his first rock- and jazzbands.

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Fred Vogels
and Eric Ineke prepare him for the Royal Conservatory The Hague, where he majors in Classical Percussion. His experiences as a drummer though make him decide to switch. Thus enjoying new studies -with drummers Fred Krens, Peter Ypma, Jan-Laurens Hartong, Bruno Castellucci, Cesar Zuiderwijk, trombonist Cees Smal and (Franc’s mentor for years) pianist Cees Slinger– in 1987 he graduates from Codarts Academy Rotterdam with a Masters’ Degree in Jazz & Popular Music.

Soon he is offered a scholarship for Drummers Collective and Manhattan School, both based in New York City. Teachers: Kim Plainfield, Mike Clarke, Marvin ‘Smitty’ Smith, Gary Chaffee, Peter Erskine, Duduka da FonsecaTommy Campbell, Bobby Sanabria and Frankie Malabe.

He is an active performer in clubs and recording studios and is currently involved in several musical projects, amongst which Toon Roos Group, Kings of Lies, TRUNK!, The DrumPeople and Christian Hassenstein Trio
QTA Folklore Band

Franc performs, produces shows and teaches. He is also an experienced trainer/coach focusing on optimal performance of individuals and teams. Click here for more information.

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Franc is thankful for his association with so many of the finest, talented, inspiring and fun-to-be-with musicians and singers around: Karel Boehlee, Toon Roos, Deborah Carter, Thys van Leer, Chris Hinze, Jose Lopretti, Gideon van Gelder, Theo de Jong, Roy Dackus, Marcel Schimscheimer, Marcel Serierse, Eddie Conard, Francis Kuipers, Thomas BekhuisHumphrey Campbell, Deborah J. CarterRick Margitza, Michael RorbySimone Pormes, Debbie Helaha, Dedre TwissDaniel van Pieckartz, Teus NobelRogério Bicudo, Arie den Boer, Vincent SpittersJose ‘Macapa’ ZaguryWolfgang Maiwald, Dave Sahanaja, Iman Spaargaren, Roeland Duijne, Tom Beek, Agnes Gosling, Hans WijnbergenAlaor Soares, Evert Wout, Baerke TraaVincent Helbers, Glen Gaddum Jr., Lo van GorpBenno Muller vom HofeFerial Karamat Ali, Koen van Baal, Jeroen van Helsdingen, Mark Zandveld, Maninho Costa, Odilon Costa, Paul van der Feen, Daan Herweg, Harry Emmery, Marcello GodoyEdwin Rutten, Jan DumeeBart Lust, Efraïm Trujillo, Benjamin Herman, Emiel WienholtsCord Heineking, Coen Molenaar, Barbara Hannigan, Martin Verdonk, Peter Tiehuis, and so many more!

‘We are One in our Amazing Diversity. Let’s continue sharing our mutual Passion for Music.’