TRG – Fusion Masters Tribute


‘A Tribute to the Fusion Masters’ by TOON ROOS GROUP. Now available for European bookings in 2023!

For the second time since 2016 Toon Roos, Karel Boehlee, Theo de Jong and Franc auf dem Brinke take you back to the seventies for a ‘tribute to the fusion masters’.

Traditional currents of jazz, blues & rock, among others, melted together into a funky & groovy whole and thus the jazz-rock or fusion of the 1970s was born. These were the years of hippies, free thought and progressive music. Jazz became danceable and, above all, hip.

It marked a new, influential period and an important milestone in jazz history. The experimental electronic sounds of Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock & the Headhunters, Joe Zawinul, Jaco Pastorius & Wayne Shorter with their Weather Report, The Crusaders and Steely Dan revolutionized jazz music in those years.

Also for Franc, Toon, Karel and Theo these were the years in which they had their first introduction to modern jazz music. And still this period forms a solid foundation for the music they love to play to this day; funky, groovy and lyrical melodies that make it almost impossible to sit still!
Their roots and heroes are therefore at the center during this musical ode.