The Steely Dan Session

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19APR-steelydansmoelenSteely Dan’s Donald Fagen and Walter Becker are infamous for the incredibly high-standard records they delivered in the seventies and early eighties. Their debut album ‘Can’t buy a thrill’ was released in 1973. Only four years later the iconic AJA album (1977), featuring some of the hottest studio- and jazz-musicians from that era, gave way to their eternal cult-stardom. They never toured extensively -never in Europe before the Millennium- because of ‘some bad experiences’. They even rarely gave interviews, or had their photographs taken thus creating a mystical status comparable to dead stars like Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison or John Lennon. Steely Dan weren’t even a proper group; it was just two musicians and their producer, yet every top notch player in the world lined up to appear on their albums. They were perfectionists. They were enigmatic. Their music was the coolest around

.The music is best described as sophisticated pop. Jazzy and extremely groovy it supports the often abstract textual subjects brilliantly (Becker and Fagen both majored Literature studies at Bard College, NY). Although Steely Dan is definitely no flat-out hitmachine, many of their songs made it in the charts and can still be heard on the radio. Think of ‘Do it again’, ‘Ricky don’t loose that Number’ or ‘Babylon Sisters’.

THE STEELY DAN SESSION is a project that brings the SD Legacy to clubs and smaller venues in The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and France with an incredible line-up of SD-crazed Dutch top musicians.

Available again for shows throughout Europe. Please contact us for all information!
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